Digital & Electronic Signature Capture Device Compatibility

Selection of signature type is dictated by the country electronic signature act laws, and specific industry compliance requirements for specific document types.

Therefore Selection of digital signature type per document type will dictate the signing method, and may or may not be limited by the available signing device at the time.

Where a simple digital signature (PKI) is required on a document, or biometric data is not relevant, then the selection of signing device is simple, as is signing method and device agnostic.

Where risk and law determine and a dynamic handwritten signature is required, then the quality of signature capture control and signing device become critical, and relevant to the potential downstream exposure and risk.

Where there is a legal definition of a WET INK signature, MiSign has a legal electronic alternative.

Testing over 10 years has produced the following formula for ideal live dynamic, or post dynamic handwritten signature validation.

The capture control and signing device must ideally capture 200 pen points per second, over an average 4 second signing time.

The data capture quality will therefore vary, if pen point capture exceeds or decreases from 200.

MiSign Suite supports, Wacom Signature Capture Pads and Interactive Pen Displays,Topaz, Interlink, Pentech, Viewsonic, IOS, Android, Microsoft Surface, HP Lenovo and other tablets and Smartphones, as well as Pen Pressure Styluses, and windows 10 digital ink.

All capture devices, signature types and methods (Finger and or Stylus), can be mixed for signors on the same document.

All captured signature data includes digital evidence, as well as specific signor data, which is encrypted inside the document for the lifetime of the document.

Where a signature capture is required to be converted to a portable graphic, both signor data and digital evidence is encrypted inside the graphic using Stenographic technology.


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