MiSign Digital Ink Business Solutions for Cloud Snapshot

 “MiSign Suite of products are just like a Chameleon”

“They change and adapt as your business needs change”


  • Our product range is designed for our customers, to migrate from wet ink paper processes to point to point digital processes, ad hoc, in both B2B and B2C environments.
  • We provide “out of the Box”, application neutral add on electronic document and eForm business process solutions, that are economical, fast and business workflow automated.
    • Email workflow provides capability for documents to be accessed anywhere, at any time on any device for signing.You can select specific signature types, signing methods and business rules for each document type.Whether admin assistants are uploading documents from the desktop and putting them into workflow processes for signing, customers/users are accessing a web portal to create and sign a document or eForm, or documents are downloaded and or created on mobile devices our “out of the box” enterprise products will adapt to all scenarios.Utilising REST API, JSon, and neutral viewer (browser agnostic) technology.On Premise, Hybrid, Public and Private Cloud options for deployment.
      Core Product Offerings

        • MiSign Pro Premium REST API with Json document Profiles
        • MiSign Suite Capture Controls
        • Also using Wacom SDK where desirable.
        • Also using SignSmart where desirable.
        • PostDoc SME (Office Admin) default SignSmart
        • Signature capture additional options-Wacom, MiSign.
        • PostDoc Office Admin Enterprise default SignSmart.
        • Signature capture additional options-Wacom, MiSign.
        • PostDoc eForms Enterprise  default SignSmart.
        • Signature capture additional options-Wacom, MiSign.
        • SignSmart

        • All products can be customised and tightly integrated as desired.Our Key enterprise products include all eSignature types that meet individual country electronic signature act laws.All enterprise products include multiple signature types, signing methods, and multiple device signing capability on the same document.