CIC Sign-it® for Adobe® Acrobat®

If you are already using Adobe Acrobat to complete your documents and forms online, then CIC Sign-it® for Adobe® Acrobat® is a simple solution for you.

CIC Sign-it is compatible with Adobe V10 and will allow you to embed a legally acceptable electronic signature in your PDF document. This software solution provides a common interface which allows you to use multiple devices to capture signatures so you can sign digital documents electronically in the office, on the road or in a retail environment.

The Sign-it software option requires no custom development or integration into your existing systems.

  • Secure PDF documents and forms: Once the document is electronically signed, the biometric data related to the signature is embedded into your PDF document.
  • Legally compliant: Digital evidence is embedded into the document as additional support for electronic signatures as well as capturing an audit trail related to document changes.
  • Multiple signatures: You can allow for more than one signature in any document and also enable a sequence or order of electronic signging in your Adobe document.
  • Variety of signing methods: Mix “Dynamic”, “Static” and “Voice” Digital Signatures on the same document using any of the following combinations; eSeal, PKI, Voice, eKey, Biometrics (Handwritten Signature).
  • Sign-it for Adobe V10 is an alternative to customised electronic signature applications and doesn’t require complex development or integration into existing business systems. It is an easy fixed solution for the electronic document management and digital storage of legal documents and forms for companies using PDF documents in Adobe V10.