MiSign PRO Plus eSignature enabling Software (Office Admin)




Is an eSignature enabling application that allows you to send documents from your desktop on the fly for digital signing, it emulates existing paper processes in a straight through digital process (STP).

Our eSignature software is neutral to your office, desktop and database applications. Create, eSignature enable, Sign and Distribute in one fully electronic process.

The advanced data capture includes at the time of signing: Content hash, biometric data and digital evidence.
It is extremely flexible as different signors can sign the same document, with different digital signature types. Where required, signors can sign with mobile devices with the addition of the eMobile module, and the same person can use different devices on the same document.


Your documents eSignature enabled

    • Sign now, Sign later.
    • Annotate
    • Email signed documents with attachments and transmittal report.
    • Meet multiple country legal requirements on the same document.
    • Browser Neutral: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Windows Safari, Opera.
    • Current suitable signing devices on the same document, Wacom, Topaz, Interlink and tablet PCs.
    • eSignature enable your existing MS Office templates quickly and economically.

System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Software Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 and above, Office 2010 and above (to sign MS Office documents).

For trial and/or sales enquiries  please contact enquiry@misign.com.au

Use MiSign PRO Plus to improve your office productivity. Increase efficiency and lower operational costs by giving yourself the flexibility to sign anywhere, anyhow and anyway. Fully signed documents are in secure PDF formats and can be archived immediately to any repository; in addition the small file sizes decrease network traffic. Using advanced data capturing signature controls, MiSign PRO Plus is a cost effective and easy to deploy solution that truly meets the needs of the modern workplace.