Migrating from Paper and Wet Ink and Emulating Existing Workflow Processes with Digital INK

MiSign products will Improve productivity and reduce operational costs and “Fast Track” deployment to new technologies, and digital transformation.

While allowing you to maintain your existing investment in desktop and legacy data base applications.


MiSign Suite will, add  flexibility to your business, and as your needs change MiSign will adapt with you, just like a Chameleon.”
MiSign’s business and legacy application “neutral” platform, significantly decreases engineering, training, support and maintenance.

it is truly the ideal digital ink solution to deploy to “Soft Migrate ad hoc” to various business requirements within the enterprise, as the requirement arises.

Key out of the box features are;

    • Inbuilt capability to have multiple different licensing models,
    • multiple eSignature enabling options,
    • multiple signing devices,
    • multiple eSignature Types,
    • Multiple Signing  Methods, (on the same document if required). All “Mixed and Matched” within the same enterprise,
    • Meets all country electronic signature acts (ETA)

MiSign Suite Products

are specifically designed to allow legacy and desktop applications to “stay as they are”, and “emulate” existing document management procedures and processes. with the addition of adding workflow, and access for signing remotely from eMobile devices, via its secure web portal log in facility from email alerts.

In addition because MiSign suite products allows “multiple eSignature types” it’s ideal for cross border international document signing, as it will meet all countries electronic signature act laws, even where only eSeal is required.

      • Faster network traffic due to decreased digital document size, compared to scanning.
      • Faster storage and retrieval
      • Green
      • MiSign Pro Premium is not a SDK or Plug in, it is a fully featured neutral add on, with optional signature capture controls
      • Decreased travelling time for field sales personnel
      • SDK’s and API’s are available for tight integration and business process automation.
      • Pricing is by subscription contract-Fixed for 3 years, including support, maintenance and upgrades.
        • Payment is by 3 annual payments or pay by the month/quarter.
        • All pricing models are customised to the customers needs, with options to change the model as required.

MiSign product suite family brochures;

      • Enquiries: misigncare@misign.com.au or misigncare@misignasia.com

        Product highlights

        MiSign Pro Premium

        This product is a neutral add on server product, that can be external or on premise, and requires a windows OS.

        It is an enterprise Solution, incorporating advanced Mobile device functionality, REST API for tight integration,  email workflow alerts, and is fully scalable.

        Documents from your desktop and existing legacy applications are delivered to our black box for eSignature enabling, distribution and signing via email alerts, or face to face.

        This product can be used for both B2B and B2C.

        For PC’s, Laptops and Win Tablets, a “thin client” is installed when a user tries to sign for the first time.

        For eMobile (IOS/Android tablets or smartphones) downloads are not required and this provides for faster deployment.

        Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request

        typical office process


        MiSign PostDoc

        PostDoc is an advanced document management application for office documents and eForms.

        It comes with multiple eSignature capture types, workflow, and is office 365 compatible.

        There are hosted SAAS and on premise options with subscription.

        It is a neutral add on to existing desktop applications and legacy databases, and can be fully customised.

        This is an ideal product for SME’s who want the commercial benefits of digital transformation with a web portal and eMobile, without the costs associated with changing what technology they already have.

        Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request.

        Drag and drop signature, on office documents or web pages.

Multiple signature type choices including graphics

Audit trails, history and signor data view


Trio is a Offline IOS/Android/Win application that comes with an SDK for tight integration into eMobile applications Offline.

Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request


trio map

MiSign Account Opening

This is a REST API application, specifically designed to sign forms and documents either at the counter or on mobile devices.

It included the option to extract a stenographic image for the signors, to be used for visual signature verification, ID cards, drivers licenses, hotel registrations, medical admittance, bank accounts, anywhere where a graphic of a signature is required.

Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request.

MiSign SCS

This is a cut down version of Account Opening and has counter to customer interaction using interactive counter capture devices.

Sign a document and Capture a handwritten signature at a counter, save as a graphic for portability to database, visual verification, documents and ID card use.

Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request

 MiSign SCF

eSignature enabling component that can be called from tags within a HTML document, it will launch a signature capture control and allow the HTML to be signed.

This is a fast and economical method to eSignature web forms.

A tag is placed in the HTML wherever a signature is required, and the user taps and signs. There is no limit to the number of tags that can be placed.






iSIGN‘s SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server provides a highly secure, scalable, patent-protected and streamlined electronic signature solution. Its flexible, easy-to-configure and agile workflow can be rapidly integrated via standard Web services to become the ultimate and most cost efficient endpoint in true straight-through processing (the complete removal of paper from business processes) and to facilitate end-to-end management of multi-party approvals for PDF and XHTML documents.
SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server is a highly scalable, state of the art enterprise server product that can support over a billion transactions and can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. It represents a proven and patented technology that has been in production for several years and is used by Fortune 500 enterprises to process over 100 million esignatures annually.

SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server was designed to support both on-premise and cloud security standard frameworks. It natively supports single sign-on (SSO), such as SAML or OAuth, as well as multi-factor authentication and verification methods, including third party knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and our core biometric solutions that are used globally for dynamic signature verification (DSV).

The SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server electronic signature process creates a legally binding signature demonstrating a signer’s intention to be bound to a given transaction (for non-repudiation) through a tamper evident “seal” that is viewable and verifiable in any PDF reader. SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server solutions meet SEC and FINRA compliance and regulatory requirements, support IRI and ACORD standards and adhere to the United States ESIGN and UETA electronic signature laws. They also adhere to many similar regulations, standards and laws in the US and abroad, such as Europe’s new guidelines for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), initially covering the clearance of direct debit transactions.

SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server contains iSIGN’s core esignature engine and signature ceremony management tools, and can be seamlessly integrated with numerous ancillary products. Its key features include:
•Consent/disclosure management – integral part of audit record; easily reproducible in the event of a dispute
•Configurable document presentment – signatory receipt, access and viewing of document tracked in audit trail
•Multi-party/role ceremonies – complex processes, simplified; allowing for dynamic, multi-channel workflow changes, including remote, face-to-face and mobile scenarios
•Supports complex business rules and dynamic user behaviors
•Configurable branding and workflow –to meet client requirements, not ours
•Flexible tracking and reporting – real time; easy to use; including event notification service
•Extensive audit trail – embedded in individual document in tamper evident digital seal
•Support for multiple signature methods – more options than any other provider

iSign Console

iSign® Console™ leverages iSIGN’s core electronic signature engine (SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server) and is ideal for individuals and organizations alike that are in need of a standalone e-signature solution. iSign® Console™ allows for manual document uploads and seamlessly manages routing and notifications. Form and signature fields are assigned with simple tools and a dashboard offers transparency and status updates. iSign® Console™ represents a secure and intuitive solution that requires no integration and is available on iSIGN’s cutting-edge Amazon EC2 cloud deployment. Enterprise customers also have the option to install iSign® Console™ on-premise, behind their firewalls (contact customer support for details).

iSign® Console™ offers the following principal benefits and features:

Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.
* Eliminates paper from business processes
* Improves data collection, reducing errors and the time required for corrections
* Accelerates transaction management and completion times, allowing for greater focus on revenue generating activities
* Avoids direct costs related to document processing, such as mailing, scanning and filing
* Clear proof of signer intent with detailed audit trail
* Creates a legally binding signature secured in a tamper evident “seal” that is viewable and verifiable in any PDF reader
* Provides security against signature repudiation attempts
* Accessed in the Cloud from all common browsers, both mobile and desktop
* Easy on-premise integrations with any software/hardware combination
* Supports multiple e-signature methods
* Represents the perfect balance among standard features, flexibility and scalability
* Adaptable to meet the needs of our partners and clients
* Greatly improved customer experience offering fully integrated face-to-face and remote (via email) signing options
* In line with sustainability efforts aimed at reducing environmental resource consumption

iSign® Mobile

iSign® Mobileis an option that can be implemented in conjunction with iSIGN’s electronic signature solutions and enables the capture of esignatures on tablets (Android, iOS, Win8) and smartphones (Android, iOS). This solution integrates face-to-face signature ceremonies with more prevalent remote location ceremonies and can provide a richer and “high-touch” user experience.

iSign® Forms

is an option that can be implemented in conjunction with iSIGN’s electronic signature solutions and enables signers to complete documents prior to signing. This functionality reduces our client’s transaction processing time and ensures that signer-filled data is captured, confirmed, locked-down and available in the document’s audit trail and final XML.


iSign® Live

is a patent-pending solution that, through its simultaneous co-browsing functionality, allows our clients to demystify electronic signatures and other electronic document processes for their customers that require a greater level of support. This solution can significantly shorten the cost and time required for certain electronic transactions, maximizing the benefits available to our clients. All co-browsing ceremony events are added to the transaction audit trail.

iSign® Offline

leverages the advanced capabilities of SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server and certain iSign® products and services for clients with disconnected mode and delayed synchronization requirements

iSign® Secure

is a server solution that leverages iSIGN’s patented biometric signature verification technology and integrates a suite of complementary functionality for authentication, verification and identity management.

iSign® Solutions, Inc. SignatureOne Platform Datasheet for MISIGN

Sign it for Acrobat

If you are already using Adobe Acrobat to complete your documents and forms online, then Sign-it® for Adobe® Acrobat® is a simple solution for you. Sign-it is compatible with Adobe V10 and will allow you to embed a legally acceptable electronic signature in your PDF document

Create, eSignature enable documents ad hoc, sign, save, distribute

  • Electronically capture handwritten signature data, with digital evidence, content hash, and biometric data which can be forensically interrogated by a qualified document examiner.

  • Emulate your existing signature authority, and signing ceremony process digitally.

  • Neutral to your existing desktop and database applications.

  • Fast simple install, little configuration, fully external.

  • License, module and deployment Scalable within the same enterprise.

  • PKI and eSeal options built in.