Migrating from Paper and Wet Ink and Emulating Existing Workflow Processes with Digital INK, using eSignatures.

MiSign products will Improve productivity and reduce operational costs and “Fast Track” deployment to new technologies, and digital transformation.

While allowing you to maintain your existing investment in desktop and legacy data base applications as they are existing application neutral.


MiSign Suite will, add  flexibility to your business, and as your needs change MiSign will adapt with you, just like a Chameleon.”

MiSign’s business and legacy application “neutral” platform, significantly decreases engineering, training, support and maintenance, and provides fast cost effective deployment.

Key out of the box features are;

    • Inbuilt capability to have multiple different licensing models,
    • multiple eSignature enabling options,
    • multiple signing devices,
    • multiple eSignature Types,
    • Multiple Signing  Methods, (on the same document if required). All “Mixed and Matched” within the same enterprise,
    • Meets all country electronic signature acts (ETA)

MiSign Suite Products

Are specifically designed to allow legacy and desktop applications to “stay as they are”, and “emulate” existing document management procedures and processes. with the addition of adding workflow, and access for signing remotely from eMobile devices, via its secure web portal log in facility from email alerts.

In addition because MiSign suite products allows “multiple eSignature types” it’s ideal for cross border international document signing, as it will meet all countries electronic signature act laws, even where only eSeal is required.

Key Benefits

    • Faster network traffic due to decreased digital document size, compared to scanning.
    • Faster storage and retrieval.
    • Green.
    • Decreased travelling time for field sales personnel.

MiSign Pro Premium (Application Neutral On Premise/Cloud)

Is a REST API eSignature enabling application that allows you to send documents/forms from your desktop on the fly for Signing, it emulates existing paper processes in a straight through digital process (STP).

It is application neutral to your office, desktop and database applications. Create, eSignature enable, Sign and Distribute in one fully electronic process.

The advanced data capture includes at the time of signing: Content hash, biometric data and digital evidence.

It is extremely flexible as different signors can sign the same document, with different digital signature types. Where required, signors can sign with mobile devices and the same person can use different devices on the same document.


    • Sign now, Sign later.
    • Online, Offline.
    • Email signed documents with attachments and transmittal report.
    • Workflow email alerts to signors to sign remotely, with sign by dates and reminders.
    • Meet multiple country legal requirements on the same document.
    • Browser Neutral: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Windows Safari, Opera.
    • Current suitable signing devices on the same document, Wacom, Topaz, Interlink and tablet PCs, touch screen, interactive Pen Displays, Microsoft Surface, HP Aspire, Lenovo Tablet, iPad and Android.
    • Supports combinations of Chinese eSeal, corporate watermark, Voice, X509 Certificate, Handwritten digital signature (with biometric data capture) and Digital click to sign.
    • Fully scalable licensing according to different department requirements.
    • Reductions in deployment cost.
    • Reductions in maintenance.
    • API for tight integration into legacy applications.

Implementing your MiSign Pro Premium Product

Additional services for customization and deployment outside standard implementation scope can be outsourced in whole or part, to MiSign Solutions in Australia or Singapore.

    • Development and engineering.
    • On-site/off-site support.
    • Existing form conversion service.
    • New form creation service.
    • Scoping and consultancy service.
    • Design.
    • Project management.
    • Customise your viewer buttons.
    • Rebadge your viewer and Dashboard.
    • Integrate the viewer into your existing application.
    • Design and development of customised JSon profiles, for automated signature placeholders and specific signor and document rules.

MiSign product suite family brochures;

PostDoc Office Admin (Enterprise and SME)

PostDoc Office Admin is designed specifically for business to “soft migrate” their existing document preparation, filing and signing  processes to a full digital process, with email workflow.

Included in the workflow is a approval process, and sharing.

Fully compatible with Office 365, so as you are opening existing templates and creating new documents from the PostDoc dashboard, they are saved into PostDoc and processed accordingly.

Multiple signature types are available as well as digital stamps.

Choice of cloud hosting providers as well as on premise.

PostDoc eForms (Enterprise and SME)

PostDoc eForms is designed for interactive and static form filling, approval and signing where required, for B2B, B2C and B2BC.

Applications for leave, expenses, parent approval, insurance wavers, registrations, whether signing or approval is required, are simple and cost effective to implement.

Business processes with email workflow are easily deployed.

Multiple signature types are available as well as digital stamps.

Compatible with all databases.

Choice of cloud hosting providers as well as on premise.


Trio is a Offline IOS/Android/Win application that comes with an SDK for tight integration into eMobile applications Offline.

Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request

MiSign Account Opening

This is a REST API application, specifically designed to sign forms and documents either at the counter or on mobile devices.

It included the option to extract a stenographic image for the signors, to be used for visual signature verification, ID cards, drivers licenses, hotel registrations, medical admittance, bank accounts, anywhere where a graphic of a signature is required.

Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request.

MiSign Handwritten Signature SDK

Quickly and economically eSignature enable existing applications, including B2B/B2C eForms and Documents.

MiSign SCS

This is a cut down version of Account Opening and has counter to customer interaction using interactive counter capture devices.

Sign a document and Capture a handwritten signature at a counter, save as a graphic for portability to database, visual verification, documents and ID card use.

Pilot/POC/Eval  packs available on request

 MiSign SCF

eSignature enabling component that can be called from tags within a HTML document, it will launch a signature capture control and allow the HTML to be signed.

This is a fast and economical method to eSignature web forms.

A tag is placed in the HTML wherever a signature is required, and the user taps and signs. There is no limit to the number of tags that can be placed.

Circularo Pro

A cloud based document management application for administration documents, that is signature enabled with email workflow, and Microsoft 365 enabled.

Circularo Enterprise

A cloud based application  for office documents and eForms and eDocuments via a web portal, ideal for B2B and B2C.