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Retail & Telecommunications eSignature Business Solutions

The retail sector, and in particular the telecommunications industry, is highly legislated from a consumer perspective and is also a very competitive market.

For companies looking to differentiate by delivering higher levels of customer service, and a paperless environment, an electronic signature solution is a vital part in managing new customer acquisition and contract renewals.

A paperless sales process in a retail face to face customer environment, will have the dual effect of reducing your operational costs and improving sales conversion rates. Increased revenue + Reduced cost = Improved bottom line.

MiSign has the flexibility to sign from fixed positions, kiosks or eMobile, and documents can be accessed anywhere for signing. Once signed a copy can be emailed to the customer, in one process.

You can mix and match signing device brands and types, from touch screens, fixed pads, mobile devices (including smart phones) throughout your business, which provides full flexibility for purchase and change, and department use.

MiSign Suite includes user log in management, which is ideal for franchises, as the user only sees their documents.


Key benefits;

  • eSignature business process can be tightly integrated into legacy applications as a neutral add on.
  • Documents can be accessed via eMobile, signed remotely, with signed documents being emailed, at the point of signing.
  • You can mix and match signing device brands and types, from touch screens, fixed pads to mobile devices including smart phones.
  • You can mix, match and concurrently use combinations of signature types, on the same or different documents, depending on your requirements for document type .
  • Less counter queuing by using eMobile.

Because our business solutions are not eSignature plug ins, development, support and maintenance is significantly less that a plug in, and addition of extra document types is cost effective.

Key document business rules and eSignature rules and preferences and managed by smart XML profiles, which are cost effective to maintain, and fast to deploy.


Key Products are;

  • MiSign Pro Premium Server (Windows Server) with thick client, and or thin client for PC/Laptop/Win Notebook/Tablet and or ¬†Online eMobile (IOS/Android)
  • iSign SignatureOne (Cloud Digital Signature Application) (Windows Server) with digital signature (no clients required).
  • MiSign Trio Offline eMobile (IOS/Android) this is an SDK, with sample application code.
  • MiSign Pro Office Admin (Windows) local host, offline/online (connects to MiSign Pro Premium Server as required.
  • MiSign POS (Windows) Local Host for Counter Signature capture.
  • MiSign SCF (Windows Server) this is an SDK with sample application code to eSignature enable a HTML form on a portal, and launch a tap and sign signature box.

All of the above products can be “mixed and matched” according to different workgroup requirements within the enterprise.