MiSign eSignature Solutions, formerly known as eCom Asia Pacific/eCom Group

Was established in 1998, taking a very early market lead, in the development of electronic and biometric handwritten signature technology. Our solutions facilitate adoption and deployment of ‘straight-through-processing’ (STP) work flow processes, that deliver substantial cost savings, and superior customer service.

We have designed, built and delivered enterprise eSignature Business Solutions across a range of major industries including telecommunications, retail, banking, government , insurance and financial planners globally.

MiSign is a specialist electronic workflow business solution provider, utilising best of breed eSignature technology capture controls.

We also specialise in large compound document eSignature enabling such as complex insurance documents, with  customisable document processes and signor rules.

MiSign eSignature Solutions have been since 1998 100% focused on developing and delivering eSignature business process solutions, either “out of the box” or highly customised and integrated, with the associated services from concept to deployment.

Because we have been 100% dedicated to the eSignature business since 1998, we deliver to our customers an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience.

We have recently expanded our product range to include: Digital Signature, eSeal, PKI Certificate, IOS and Android, and new integration options for web portals and HTML forms, including APIs for tight behind the scenes integration.
Enquiries to: misigncare@misign.com.au or misigncare@misign.com

Senior Management

Michael J Ryan

Michael is the CEO and founder of MiSign Pty Ltd (previously eCom Asia Pacific) and MiSign Asia Pte Ltd.

As one of the global electronic signature technology pioneers, Michael was responsible for overseeing some of the first installations of large enterprise level, electronic signature solutions in the world, and has been at the forefront of the delivery of this technology in the Asia Pacific region.

Michael has significant experience in the development, delivery and promotion of enterprise technology solutions and is responsible for the design and now rolling out the newest suite of MiSign electronic signature products.

chamelion“Just like a Chameleon”

“All MiSign products are designed to adapt, from the day of installation, to the various additional, documents and form requirements as you deploy eSignature enabled Business Processes, whether they are B2B or B2C”.

“Including international electronic signature act compliance, for “cross border” electronic document delivery and signing, via multiple devices and electronic workflow, from secure server log in.”

For personal attention at all times contact initially: Michael Ryan


Phone: 61412559998.

Watts App : same as phone number.

Skype: ryanmj