eSignature enabling for eCorrespondence/Static Forms and Dynamic eForm Enabling Solutions to “Fast Track” Digital Transformation since 1998.



    “ Just like a Chameleon, MiSign products will adapt to your signing and workflow requirement changes “Ad Hoc”.

MiSign specialises in building  “Out of the Box”, Customised and or Integrated eSignature enabled electronic workflow solutions.

That incorporate “multi country”, and industry segment legal eSignature types, for its customers to “Fast Track” their current business processes that require eSignatures, as part of their Digital Transformation Programme.

Allowing the customer to maintain their current investment in Desktop and Legacy data Base applications, and to “Soft Migrate ad hoc “ their current documents and forms that require signing either from the desktop or remotely via eMobile, to a fully electronic Document and eForm platform..

Regardless of the signature capture type, e-Sign, electronic signature, eSignature, Digital Signature, Handwritten biometric signature, handwritten, stenographic Signature, eSeal, SingPass, Certificate requirement MiSign products have the flexibility to use multiple different signature types on the same document, for the same Signor.

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